My Individual Sessions with Tantra massage 

  Tantra & Lingam Massage Session 

60 min - 1000 AED   /   90 min - 1500 AED

Lingam massage is part of the Tantra massage.
The word Lingam comes from Sanskrit and is used in Tantra as a term for the genitals of the man, and is a sensual massage of the front part of the body.

The detailed version of the lingam massage uses many different massage techniques. In addition, the pelvic floor is loosened and the energy distributed over and over again with long massage strokes throughout the body. So the intensity can be increased gradually.

Like in the Tantra Massage, the Lingam Massage is given very gently, slowly and sensitively touching by sacred area. Beginning with the neck region, which moves slowly down the body and will include:​ Chest ~ Nipples ~ Belly ~ Thighs ~ Legs..

The lingam, which describes the genital area of the man, is stimulated and pampered by special acupressure techniques. This massage is especially stimulating and intense. 

The pleasure point can be reached several times with special technique and also delayed. A sweet torment - erotic, pleasurable and relaxing. Let yourself be surprised what happens to your body and give yourself to pure sensuality. 

The Tantra massage with lingam massage for men is a wonderful experience and honours the masculinity side of every man especially through the careful and loving touch and the connection of the sexual power with heart and spirituality. Without effort, you dive into a space of presence and abundance, desire and awareness, feeling and devotion.

Some men describe their experience as an ecstatic state in which they surf from one wave to another, accompanied by a wonderful feeling of happiness.

 ☯ Tantra &  Sacred spot Session (prostate massage)

​60 min - 1200 AED    /  90 min - 1800 AED

In the Tantric massage can include prostate therapy, Is it a  very slow and gentle massage of the outer and inner area of the anus, and is possible to reach full body orgasms. The prostate is sometimes called the male G-point. It is located inside the pelvis and its massage brings deep and intense feelings unknown to most men.
Prostate massage can be arousing and sexually stimulating. The feeling of ejaculating will be enhanced. The prostate massage is literally intruding and opening of the holiest temple of every man and can put in motion healing processes of the body and mind. 


​  Tantra & Intensely Sensual Session

​60 min - 1400 AED   /   90 min - 2000 AED

This session focus of this Session is nude sensual body connection, that incorporates Tantric techniques combined with the body to body massage. Feel an erotic game with distance and special closeness. Your senses get unique experience - and your body enjoys the peace and relaxation. 

Tantra Pleasure ~ Sensual trip to the world of Sacred Tantra

Tantra Massage in Dubai

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