What is Tantra ?

Time of sensuality -  Sensitive and gentle touching for your body, mind and soul



The body is treated with great respect as the temple of the spirit, deserves attention and worship. This is a very sensual and exciting massage type, it will release stress and awaken the spirit in a refreshing and exciting way. It enlightens with a meditative experience while at the same time developing sexuality. Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual originating, is done in a calm and undisturbed environment with special aroma essential oils, candle lights and oriental ritual music. 
The sensual refined caresses prolonged touches all over your body are to stimulate the sexual energy to give the body deep relaxation which is a great way to relieve tension. 

The magic of gentle touch combined with sensual stimulating massage techniques in a space of mindfulness and devotion make the massage a special sensual pleasure and you can discover all of your senses, is to stimulate and using it as a way of accessing a deeper level of sensual pleasure.

In doing so partly uses playful, partly targeted, different touch techniques, thus, the mind is brought to rest and felt, and the body prepared for the intense flow of erotic energy. The goal is that it flows through the entire body in unknown trajectories and triggers blissful emotions to the point of ecstasy. 

​The goal of a passionate tantra massage is the disclosure of sexual potential, sensuality and sensitivity increase, and the detection of previously unknown erogenous zones on the body for a sensual orgasm! 

Parts of a tantra massage create various touches, You can experience also intimate parts massage that is called lingam. During this massage there is often a change in sexuality perception and opening to a new meditative intimacy and excitement. Therefore it is a healing massage that works with many levels of a man. The massage can optionally also include prostate massage.​

One of the most important aspects of Tantra therapy is the atmosphere around you:

​☯ Sight ~ In the room is candlelit, which calms down your senses

☯ Ritual Sound ~ Calming, relaxing and ritual sounds in the background to concentrate on sensual relaxation

☯ Fragrance ~ Scented candles and fragranced incense helps to your deep relaxation

Discover new ways of understanding and feeling your sexuality and excitement, enjoying the techniques of the deep relaxation which has wonderful effects on your body and mind. 

What  Is  the  benefits  of  Tantric  massage?

As for health effects tantra massage helps with erection and prostate issues, pre-maturate ejaculation,  lack of energy, vitality and life stamina; depression from lack of care and intimate touching; it improves relationship towards yourself and your partner, gets rid of tension and stress, relaxes muscles and supports blood circulation.

Tantra Pleasure ~ Sensual trip to the world of Sacred Tantra

Tantra Massage in Dubai

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